4 tips for more success on Instagram

Instagram is booming and is becoming more and more popular, and the advertising platform is also gaining popularity. However, Instagram ads are by no means a self-perpetuator. It is also important to note some points that can contribute significantly to a success. We have summarized 4 tips with which almost nothing can go wrong.


  1. Classic photo composition & subtle branding

The basis of every appealing image is a fine, symmetrical composition. Standards of photography such as the golden section should be taken into account, on the other hand, be waived. Filters can also be used to manipulate photos and manipulate them to achieve the desired result.

It is also important that to buy instagram comments fast, the brand appearance does not displace the content. A logo should therefore be integrated as subtly as possible. Alternatively, the focus can also be on a brand-typical color or an element. The recognition value should be considered by the viewer.


  1. Little text & strong content

Instagram is about visual impressions and experiences. Images should therefore be in the focus of the ads and texts are only a minimal part. More importantly, the content conveys a consistent and strong message. The users must be able to immediately recognize and understand what a brand stands for. Ideally, the image is so meaningful that as little text as possible is needed.


  1. Hashtags & balance

The use of different hashtags plays an essential role. Purposefully used, users can be encouraged to participate and conversations with each other. Unique hashtags make a huge contribution to the recognition value of a brand and significantly increase its awareness.

It should also be considered that there is a balance between photos and videos. Unilateral content can quickly lead to disinterest and this should be avoided as far as possible. The audience wants to be entertained – so it is also disadvantageous to often share content that is revealed at first glance as advertising.


  1. Schedule posts and ads

Regular posting is the key to success. However, posts and ads should be carefully planned and not simply randomly published as the mood takes you. Users are more often online than others on some days, just as they are more active at certain times than others. Once these facts have been evaluated, a well thought-out and adapted editorial plan helps to keep track of things and to achieve the best possible result.