5 basic tips for hiring an SEO expert

A few years ago there were no positioning or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultants, but with the changing nature of online marketing, it has become one of the services with the greatest offer on the network. And many are promoted as experts Indianapolis seo.

But the truth is that nobody has a magic key to take your site to the first places. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your expectations of first places will be met overnight. What does exist are a series of applicable techniques that require time, money and effort and with which an experienced consultant can take only months.

If the website of your company, business or product needs the services of a company or independent for SEO you must take into account the following points:

1. – Experience: That consultant to whom you are going to entrust your money must first of all do what he offers and eventually the experience arrives. But in addition to experience you must be up to date with the ever changing techniques (based on search engine algorithms). Accreditations can certainly be a PLUS.

2. – Seriousness: For technical support, it doesn’t matter if you hire the newcomer from the school who is an expert in anything that has an electric current. But to promote your brand, it is important that it be a serious (or individual) company. Can you imagine text links of your clothing brand for boys on a porn site, just for the ranking?

3.-Methodology: Do not expect from your consultant too many technical details. But what you should demand is a road map with the methodology to follow. If it offers you just to review your site, optimize it with some metatags and an AdWord ad, find someone else. But if it offers you doubtful techniques to get links and cheat, then FLEE.

4) References: If you are giving away your work you do not need to require references, but if you are paying for a service it would be good to know (and check) some success stories you have had in the past. A list of customers would be fine.

5) Sample: As the saying “to show a button” says, it is incredible to see sites that offer web positioning and that your site (or that of your customers) does not have a Page Rank or 1, do not have a couple of keywords well positioned and lost at the bottom of any ranking. If they haven’t been able to position their sites, how can they do it with yours? In general, with these five points you could feel confident that you will make a good choice. But remember that you also have important responsibilities for the SEO consultant to complete your task successfully. Also, keep in mind that positioning is a kind of living being that needs maintenance. You can invest a lot of money from your budget this year and forget the following years, but you could also return to the basement of the search engines.