5 Tips on How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Those who have too low a testosterone level suffer from the physical and psychological consequences. But how does a lack express itself and what can be done against slight deficiencies in a natural way? With the following tips 5 you can replenish your testosterone storage to 100% – and all that naturally and without any unwelcome chemical substances!

How does a defect express itself?

If you have a testosterone deficiency, it manifests with a variety of symptoms: irritability, dissatisfaction, daytime fatigue, sleep disturbances at night, hot flashes and decreased libido are some of them. But also dwindling muscle strength and thus lower athletic performance, less beard and Brusthaarwuchs and joint pain and increased abdominal fat attachment can be one of the symptoms.

If any of these are applicable to you, you should have your testosterone levels tested and, if you have a low deficiency, take countermeasures naturally – and you do not run the risk of overdosing. 🙂


  1. Grease off:

Would you have thought that the waist circumference plays an important role in your testosterone level? But it is so, because in visceral abdominal fat testosterone is converted into the female hormone estrogen. This leads to a testosterone decrease, which is why men should keep their waist circumference below 94 cm. However, if you suffer from a testosterone deficiency and have a waist size of over 102cm, you can use a targeted weight loss much to change your testosterone levels.


  1. Physical training:

The most effective physical method to naturally increase testosterone levels is strength and interval training. Strength training is best for shorter units and interval training for units of 20 to 40 minutes.

Trivia: But do not overdo it with the sport, because especially long endurance units can possibly lead to the opposite effect and reduce testosterone production.


  1. Nutrition Optimization:

A balanced and nutrient-rich diet is recommended for everyone, but to influence the testosterone value with nutritional optimization, a few things should be considered. The testosterone molecule is composed of different fatty substances and for this reason, the intake of good fats is enormously important for body and the testosterone value. Unsuitable for this unsaturated fats such as nuts or avocados. Vitamins and trace elements are also essential and these are mainly found in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables that specifically target and enhance your testosterone levels include pomegranate, mangosteen, avocado, broccoli and spinach – so let it all taste good. Even a low vitamin D level can negatively affect testosterone levels,

What most probably already know is the negative influence of alcohol. Not only does it have a bad effect on our body but also on testosterone levels. Because if the liver is busy with alcohol loss, they can no longer reduce excess estrogen and this acts as an antagonist of testosterone Nootropics.

Trivia: The ultimate testosterone boosters are oatmeal as they increase the biologically active testosterone.


  1. Stress reduction:

Stress is the ultimate testosterone killer! Because at an elevated stress level, our body releases cortisol and this leads to more energy in the short term, but it can also damage testosterone in large quantities.


  1. Sleep optimization:

A lion’s share of our testosterone is produced during sleep, which is why quiet and relaxed sleep is important, so as not to disturb this production. However, as sleep disturbances are usually associated with stress, these last two tips are closely related: can you reduce stress, increase your testosterone level, without stress, you also sleep better and your testosterone value increases again.