Chairs or Platforms, What Stairlifts Buy?

Which model best fits your needs?, What advantages and disadvantages do they have?, How much?

Today there are many aids available to improve mobility or facilitate accessibility when saving the stairs of any type of home, building or premises.

But if there is one that stands out for its great versatility adapting to virtually any type of ladder, with a contained price and without the need to carry out works or renovations for installation, these are the stair climbers (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI).

The stair lifts are designed to safely and safely save most stairs, in fact, it is difficult to find one in which it is not possible to install one of these elevators.

This type of elevator moves with the help of a guidance system which is fixed directly on the wall or on the staircase itself by means of adjustable supports, thanks to the technology of this system, the elevator can save both small routes composed of a single section of stairs, like routes of several plants of height composed by different stretches with landings, curves, etc., all occupying a minimum space thanks to the adaptability of the guide or rail and that it is possible to fold the elevator once finalized its use .

Mainly there are two types of stairlifts , on the one hand, we have chairs and platforms on the other , but which is better suited to our needs and of course, what stair lift to buy, let’s look in more detail at each of them.

How are stairlifts?

This type of stair lift is characterized by having a chair or seat so that the user can be accommodated in it and save the stairs in a comfortable and safe way.

The stairlifts are ideal for elderly or people with some form of reduced mobility, but can walk, climb stairs find it difficult or even dangerous.

This type of chair can be installed on straight or curved stairs or turns, offset or spiral steps, there are also models suitable for outdoor installation that are made with anticorrosion materials and equipped with adequate protections for the weather.

It is possible to install a chair on really narrow stairs, you will only need a minimum width of between 65 and 70 cm, in straight sections and more than 75 in those stairs with curves.

In addition, there are more and more companies that have models, especially for straight sections, in stock, which together with this type of elevator is installed in a few hours offers a very interesting delivery time.

As disadvantages of this type of elevator we have that it does not suppose a solution of 100% accessibility, since it can not transport a person in his wheelchair, for which a transfer should be made.

Regarding its price, we have models for straight sections of stairs are between about € 1900 and € 3000 approximately, and models for sections with curves or changes in slope have a starting price of between € 5500 and about 9000 €, mostly, always based on a series of variable elements on which you can obtain more information on our Stairlifts Prices page .

How are the stairlifts?

Unlike saddles, stairlift platforms have a specially adapted base to allow access for people traveling in a wheelchair.

This type of elevators are a solution of total accessibility, since in addition to people who use wheelchairs, they can also be used by other types of users, it is even possible to add a folding stool for greater comfort.

In the same way as chairs, platforms can be installed on stairs of all kinds, however, due to its greater size it is necessary that the width of the stairway is at least 1 or 1.1 meters in straight sections and from of 1,15 m. In the case of several sections with curves, it is also necessary to have a sufficient landing on the ground floor so that the platform can be parked, and sufficient dimensions for a wheelchair to maneuver at both ends.

Regarding its price , we have that this type of stair lift system starts from about 5500 – 6000 € onwards, based on a series of elements and variables from which you can get more details on our Prices Platform Stairlifts.

Our recommendation when buying a stair lift

When buying a stair lift, it is convenient that you do it with specialized companies and, if possible, close to the installation area.

Another important point is to request several quotes from different companies and compare.

Only with this point can we obtain considerable savings between models with very similar characteristics or even the same ones.