Check Moles And Get Them Removed With Radio Surgery

It’s very common to find moles on the face and body and most people aren’t that bothered about them, in fact most people don’t even realise what they are. Moles are small dark patches on the skin formed by cells which produce the colour or pigment in the skin. Most people are born with them and regard them as birthmarks.

Moles are:

Usually a brownish colour, although some of them might be darker or skin-coloured
They can look either flat or raised and be either smooth or rough
Some can have a few hairs growing out of them
Usually moles are a circular or oval shape with a smooth edge
Moles don’t usually interfere with our daily lives, unless they’re placed awkwardly on the face and get in the way of shaving, and sometimes moles on the body can feel uncomfortable when they catch on our clothing or jewellery.
One of the most important reasons that people enquire about treatment for mole removal is because of the small chance of the mole developing into melanoma, which is a dangerous and aggressive form of skin cancer. You should always look out for any change in the size or colour of your moles and go to see your doctor straight away if you have one you’re worried about, as with skin cancer, the earlier you catch it, the quicker you can have it treated.

One of the main ways of preventing cancerous moles from developing is by protecting yourself from the sun. Covering up your skin and wearing high factor sun screen protection is one of the main ways you can help yourself to keep safe. Many people think a mole removal treatment is a scary prospect and get nervous in case it’s a complex procedure which will leave scarring moles meaning, however the truth is that radio surgery treatment is straightforward, leaving a barely visible scar.

Routine mole screening with a diagnostic computer system that visualizes the pigment and vasculature of the mole, will give a good sign of what to worry about, or what not to worry about. This screening service, if required, is usually given as part of your consultation. Cosmetic clinics only remove moles for cosmetic reasons and would recommend a visit to your GP for any lesions which look slightly suspicious.

Radio surgery produces radio waves which instantly vaporizes the moles, resulting in much less scarring. It’s a walk in, walk out procedure that’s non-invasive and non-surgical.

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