Home remedies to encourage sexual desire

Lack of sexual desire can occur for various reasons and harm the sexual life of a couple. Stress, couple problems or even routine, contribute to a loss of libido that results in a worsening of sex life . However, it must be addressed in a positive way, separating the problems of others as long as they do not harm when having sex. Sex should not be an inconvenience or a barrier between you and your partner, and for this reason ONsalus we propose some home remedies to encourage sexual desire and stoke the passion again PhenQ review.


Causes of lack of sexual desire

Lack of libido can occur in both men and women and should be approached with patience and optimism . It is important that, in case of dealing with the issue with the couple, it is not done from a negative point of view, but rather it is better to try to find out what the problem of origin is and try to understand it to find a solution. Communication in these cases is very important and you must have patience. Some of the causes that may be causing a lack of desire in you or your partner are:


  • Hormonal changes. When a woman is in some stages of her life, such as pregnancy, lactation or menopause, estrogen levels can be altered by damaging the libido. Similarly, hormonal changes in men that cause a decrease in testosterone can influence the level of sexual desire.
  • Routine. There is no doubt that at the beginning of a relationship it is easier for passion to be maintained and for sexual desire not to be a problem. However, as time passes, the couple can adopt a routine that ends up abhoring sexual practice. The most advisable thing is to try new things, like new positions or sex toys.
  • Relationship problems. When a couple fights, it is usual that it also affects the sex field. Sex has a very important psychological factor, so discussing regularly can affect emotional stability and end the libido of both.
  • Trust issues. Some people may feel complex in relation to their body, so they do not feel comfortable when it comes to exposing it to their partner, which translates into constant worry when it comes to having sex. It is important that each person feels good about himself so that when it comes to practicing sex, everything flows correctly and everyone is carried away.


Increase sexual desire with ginkgo biloba and dong quai

Some of the best home remedies to encourage sexual desire involve using certain plants, which act as natural aphrodisiacs stimulating the libido.


  • Ginkgo biloba. The seeds of this plant have been used for years in traditional medicine, despite the fact that at present they use their leaves in greater quantity to prepare infusions or in the form of pills. This plant allows strengthening both memory and concentration. In the case of sexual desire, it benefits the blood circulation, increasing the desire, the arousal as well as the power of the organism. It has a greater positive effect on women than men, contributing to a faster reach of these orgasms and providing a more pleasant sensation.This plant should be consumed in moderation and orally, never in the form of cream. Neither should be resorted to its use in case of being pregnant and during the period of lactation. Also, some of its side effects that may occur are headache, kidney stones, stomach pain, constipation and allergic skin reactions.


  • Dong Quai. It is another medicinal herb used for hundreds of years, and that in the case of lack of libido, can be used as a home remedy to stimulate the production of estrogen in the body, which results in an increase in sexual desire.


Increase sexual desire with ginseng, ginger and maca

Other home remedies to increase sexual desire are:

  • Ginseng. It is another plant that has gained a name in recent years for its beneficial properties for the human organism. This plant is a source of energy and vitality, in addition to having a vasodilator effect that stimulates the male erection improving blood flow. Another of its advantages to increase sexual desire lies in certain substances it contains, which act in a similar way to testosterone, which encourages sexual desire. It is important to advice on what is the right ginseng to encourage libido, since there are different types with different effects. The one considered to be the most effective for increasing sexual desire is Siberian ginseng.
  • The ginger. A root known for its multiple properties that also acts as an aphrodisiac and which can be used to use it as a home remedy to increase libido. Ginger acts as a stimulant of sexual desire , which makes it a good option to consume it before having sex. We just have to prepare an infusion of this root, cutting it into several pieces and boiling water.
  • Maca. A very effective home remedy to increase sexual desire in both men and women due to its high aphrodisiac power. Regulates hormone levels and increases testosterone, while fighting impotence. It is also especially effective for perimenopausal women supplying the efficiency of hormones and acting as a stimulant.


Foods that encourage sexual desire

We have several foods available that can help to slightly increase sexual desire. Therefore, other home remedies to increase libido are the consumption of:

  • Ostras. This sea food is known for its aphrodisiac effect. It contains zinc, which helps the production of sperm and increases the libido.
  • Egg. It contains vitamins B5 and B6 that act in the regulation of hormonal levels, in addition to helping to combat stress.
  • Cacao. Chocolate releases dopamine in our body, a compound that reaches the brain acting similar to an orgasm acting as a stimulant. It does not mean that you experience an orgasm just like the one you have with sex, but it can help when it comes to increasing libido.
  • Liver. Another food rich in zinc, which is responsible for maintaining the proper amount of testosterone. Consuming this feeds will ensure that our body has the testosterone we need so that our sexual desire is not harmed.
  • Aguacate. This fruit is rich in vitamin B6 and potassium that contribute to increase the sexual impulse of our system.


DHEA to increase libido

DHEA has the ability to increase the sex hormones known as androgens, estrogens and testosterone. Therefore, it is a good way to increase libido, especially in postmenopausal women, although its effect is effective in both men and women. In the case of men, DHEA increases sexual desire as well as its performance, in addition to being effective for erection problems.

This agent acts during sexual intercourse transforming into testosterone, so it is a good choice for both men and women who have low levels of libido. However, its use is recommended only for a period of time that is not excessive. Some of its side effects are: hair loss, high blood pressure, acne, etc.


Other tips to increase sexual desire

In addition to the natural remedies discussed in the previous points, there are a number of tips that can help when sexual desire is not a problem.

  • Use lubricants that facilitate sexual relationships and make them more pleasant, as well as toys that break the ice.
  • Expose each one’s sexual fantasies and fulfill them.
  • Go away for a weekend as a romantic getaway and disconnect from everything else.
  • The exercise can produce endorphins, hormones of happiness flames.
  • The communication is essential both to solve problems and to know each other and satisfy the desires of your partner.


When to go to the doctor

The lack of sexual desire is a consequence of an original problem, which is responsible for the absence of libido. Usually, finding the problem and overcoming it is enough to return to the state of normal sexual desire. However, there are times when the cause may require medical attention, due to cardiovascular problems that are accompanied by other symptoms such as erectile dysfunction. In these cases, it is advisable to go to the doctor to treat the problem that causes the lack of libido.