How to wash t-shirts personalized or marked with textile vinyl

Tips for washing your shirts

Tips and recommendations on how to wash your marked shirts

When we make personalized shirts we must take into account a series of recommendations so that our clothes last a long time in the best conditions personalized t shirts for women.

To adhere the textile vinyl to the clothes a thermal plate is used that fixes the vinyl applying heat, so it is necessary to bear in mind that the heat is the biggest enemy if we want our clothes to last us a long time.

How to wash clothes:


  1. – Turn the clothes over: By turning the clothes over we will avoid chafing inside the washing machine.


  1. – Beware of detergents: Always use the recommended amount of detergent, do not use bleach that may damage the clothing and detract life from marking, and do not use bleach.


  1. – Always wash with cold water: The textile vinyl is recommended to wash always with cold programs that wash the clothes to less than 30 degrees


  1. – No dryers: Do not put your marked clothes in a dryer


  1. – Ironing with a cloth on top: Always iron the clothes inside out and with a rag over them to protect the marking.