What is e-commerce or electronic commerce?

Trade is described as an economic activity of buying and selling products, it can also be described as the change or transaction of something (tangible, not tangible) in exchange for something else of equal value. Nowadays in the 21st century, commerce has undergone a transformation thanks to globalization and the internet, since it is no longer necessary to go to a store to buy a television, or those shoes that you saw using the best player in the world, to supply these needs Today the very e-commerce was born.


The e – commerce or e-commerce (electronic commerce) or online business is a new method of buying and selling products or services, mediantes electronic means and through any device (PC, cell phones, etc.) whatever, This person can access very easily and from anywhere in the world.

That’s why ecom inspector is such a useful tool. You are able to search millions of different products from the top e-commerce stores.


For the companies:

Expand the customer base when entering a wider market.
Extend the hours of sale 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Create a competitive advantage
Reduce production costs, capital, administration, among others.
Improve communication with customers and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

For the users:

Find a product at a lower cost.
Perform better negotiation with the seller.
Generate comfort at the time of purchase.

Electronic Commerce in Peru?

Yes, listen well e-commerce reached the whole world and Peru is no stranger to this means of sales, because according to the newspaper Gestión Manifest that:

In the Congress it was shared that in Peru there are already 3 million buyers according to the latest IPSOS Apoyo study . The trend of buyers, as presented at the congress, has been increasing since 2015 and despite not being such a high figure, tells us that ele-commerce is in motion. Penetration has grown significantly in NSE B and C, it is no longer exclusive of the AB socioeconomic level.

What do users buy on the Internet?

The most purchased categories according to the Ipsos Apoyo study are:

Fashion (shoes and clothes)
Electronics (cell phones and accessories)
Home (toys and appliances)
Travel (air tickets)


The e – commerce is no longer a matter of the future, today the tools increasingly make our life simpler in this world where there is almost no longer a moment of leisure, for that e-commerce is very good because it gives you a advantage of being able to choose that item you dreamed or saw in a commercial and which would feel good to have it but you can not because you have to wait until the weekend to go to the mall, and still see if it is not It has been the preference of other people.