10 Tips to train your dog

  1. Your dog is always learning

Every interaction you have with the animal is a training session. Therefore, it is important that you always be aware of what you are doing so as not to reward inappropriate behaviors.

  1. Your dog understands your gestures and actions better than your words

Animals are guided by your body language and actions more than your words. Focus on the messages your body is giving Dog trainer spring Texas, pay attention to your dog’s response, and reduce the words you use.

  1. Your dog repeats what works for him

Animals perform behaviors that have been reinforced or rewarded. To change or modify a behavior it is important to reinforce the desired substitute behavior, but we also have to eliminate reinforcers or rewards for unwanted behaviors.

  1. Training is a skill

Dog training is a skill like playing tennis, dancing, or playing the piano. Small details in your movements or in the precision with which you mark the desired behaviors and deliver the rewards can make a big difference in the message your dog perceives. If you are not getting good results, contact a professional.

  1. Positive reinforcement is much more than giving rewards

Positive reinforcement is not just about giving food for good behavior, it is about interacting and performing exercises in a way that is fun for your dog.

By controlling food, toys, petting, or anything that has value to the dog, we can control behavior.

  1. Being good is fun

The goal of positive training is to make good behavior fun and rewarding for your dog. If you reward your dog for good behaviors, he is more likely to repeat them.

  1. Interact with your dog on walks

The walk is not a time for your dog to do his own thing and look for entertainment, rather it is a time to have fun together and build a positive bond between you and your dog. Play and practice exercises during the walk so that your dog focuses on you. The goal of the walk should be to spend quality time with your dog. “If you don’t listen to him, he won’t listen to you either.”

  1. Continuous socialization

Dogs, cats, horses and other pets need exercise every day. For dogs, walks not only provide exercise but are crucial for continued socialization with people, new environments, and other animals.

  1. Remove your dog’s food bowl

Animals in nature spend hours searching for food. They are programmed to enjoy this behavior. Studies show that given the choice, animals prefer to work for their food, once they know how to get it, versus getting it for free. The best way to use food as entertainment and enrichment for your dog is to use it in training and as play. You can also place food in fillable toys and puzzles, which are made specifically to entertain your pet.

  1. Don’t feed your dog your food

Choose a good quality dog ​​food that provides complete and balanced nutrition for your dog at every stage of his life. Feeding your dog your food is detrimental to your dog’s health.

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