We know how to love, that’s why we have the most delicious desserts to pamper all those special people around you, whether they are friends, family, partner, or why not?, yourself!

Here are some tips to surprise whoever you want this February 14, Day of Love and Friendship:

1. Garibaldis Bouquet
We know that a good Garibaldi always elevates the day of all our Globo Lovers, that’s why this season we made it romantic in the shape of a heart. Find some skewers, some tissue paper in romantic colors and a ribbon, we are going to make a very original bouquet! Bury one by one, 12 little hearts on each skewer stick, put them all together, decorating them with the paper as if it were a bouquet of roses and to give it a romantic touch, make a bow and place a love letter Freeze dried candy for sale.

2. Romantic picnic
Elegant dinners are no longer the thing today, because now it is much more special to plan something and do it yourself for someone important, so on this occasion a picnic with fruit, sparkling wine and an Othello Cake is ideal. Choose the perfect spot, it can be a garden or a forest like Chapultepec, buy a pretty tablecloth and that’s it, it will be a very tender experience.

3. Surprise exchange
If you’ve been with someone for a long time, you must know them perfectly, and the time has come to show it to them. This year make a special date to discover how much you and the person you love know each other. The challenge is to choose the dessert they like the most without asking or cheating and see if they guessed or not.

4. Homemade dinner
Nothing is more special than cooking for the people you love, but we know that doing wonders in the kitchen is very tiring. Choose the menu that you like the most but don’t worry about dessert, to close this experience with a flourish, El Globo has the sweet flavors you need.

5. Delivery of love
If you haven’t taken the step yet, we give you an idea to propose to your crush. There is no one who can resist some delicious Donuts, and even less when they have a heart shape as tender as these, so on this occasion you can send your crush these delights through Uber Eats and arrive at his house as a surprise to declare your love. and enjoy the sweetness of being together.

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