Developing Content for High traffic music websites by Andy Hughes

In this article I am going to cover some basic ideas about developing your websites language and content. Including how to guide your content, tools to check your competition, and how and what type of links to build. These tips will hopefully give you a confident approach to some of the things you should include when thinking about getting to the top of search engines Drum Lessons Colorado Springs.

Getting Started

One of the main problems in writing for a website is what on earth do you write, and if you want to rank high on searches then your probably going to have to do a number of hours serious research.

I guess the first thing you’ll need to do is look at the competition. I wanted to base my website on my own music, and include photos, lyrics, gig listings, news and a biog about myself. So I checked up on some of my favorite bands to see what they were doing and and wrote down some ideas regarding how I ranked these websites, in terms of what information they gave, how much detail there was, and an overall impression of the style and design.

From this it seems a simple navigation is best, with a front page upon entering the site. From the topics I’ve already mentioned, I setup a template which would act as the foundation for my site.

Basically once I had decided that my site was going to be a music site, I realized that, in order to generate hits or visitors, I would need to be appearing on the radar for certain searches; it seems obvious to me now, but at the time it wasn’t that obvious, I was guessing at what people would search for, and what content would work best. Then I stumbled across a tool which would change my view on content for ever.

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