Famous And Best Restaurants In NYC

As we know that Mumbai in India has a night life, and in America, New York is a place where life never stops be it day or night, so if you are deciding to spend a night out in NYC the best option is to have a late night dinner and New York is full of Restaurants which are the finest Authentic French Raclette. It’s a great endeavor to plan a night out in New York. New York is known for its finest restaurants and these restaurants are famous across the globe. These restaurants have the finest and several varieties of cuisines to offer. They offer a huge variety of cuisines which you can enjoy in the Restaurants. As they are open throughout the day and the night they are the best option to hang out with friends and family and enjoy the grand cuisine that they have to offer. As the restaurants in NYC are so famous and also have a huge variety of cuisines on their menu for their customer to enjoy you’ll find a lot of famous faces in these restaurants enjoying these famous cuisines. Some of the best Restaurants NYC which are often visited by all are:

1.Buddha Bar: As it name goes, when you enter the place you feel the peacefulness. The ambiance in extremely pleasing. Their service and food is great. A great place to hang out with friends.
2.Gramercy Tavern: The ambiance, service and food all are great. They serve mouth watering pork and parsley sauce besides the other variety of cuisines.
3.Lattanzi: In this restaurant you can experience the taste of homemade food. Taste of Homemade food attracts so many customers that this restaurant is always packed. It the most classy restaurant in NYC. People have to book their tables well in advance. It serves a variety of cuisines.
4.Graffiti Food and Wine Bar: Graffiti provides a unique blend of electric and savory dishes which are quite simply out of this world
5.Sapa: this restaurant is fun for those who love noise along with fun. The Sapa restaurant in NYC decorates the dining rooms with flowers. All the variety of cuisines offered is delicious.
6.Tao: Yes Sea Food that’s what this restaurant is famous for. They server beverages collected from all over the world. Best place to take your friends too.

The New York City has a huge number of restaurants and these restaurants due to competition have flourished. Each restaurant has different mouth watering cuisine to offer, their interiors are completely different from one another. They have a special way of serving and making the customer feel pampered all through their visit.

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