How can I train my dog ​​– At puptown we give you tips to do it

For many people, dog training is usually an activity considered superficial in which the dog is taught to perform attractive tricks, but of little use for family life, such as turning around or standing on its legs; And although, yes, there is dog training that focuses on the dog performing tricks, the functionality of training a dog goes beyond just knowing how to shake its paw, it also helps it learn to obey; For this reason today on the puptown Blog we give you some tips to help you train your pet Dog trainer spring Texas.

Tips for training a dog

  1. Train him every day in short sessions, for example, teach him to learn to stay still and every morning at a certain time, allocate 5 minutes to teach him this behavior, which you can reinforce with another 5 minutes at night.
  2. Dogs do not learn by scolding, dogs are motivated by love and positive reinforcement, so if you want them to learn a behavior, it is best to reward them with a puptown kibble every time they perform the behavior you want.
  3. Be consistent, when you want the dog to learn to obey a command, always use the same word; If you use synonyms, the dog will never associate the behavior with a verbal command.

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