Main Areas of Child Development

It’s beautiful and satisfying seeing children grow day by day into wonderful human beings with their own traits and personalities. All children go through a certain development process that begins from the day they are born, where they learn and master new skills and gain new knowledge learning disabilities tutoring near me.

These skills that they learn are called developmental milestones, and these should be mastered within a specific period of time, although all children will not develop at the same rate nor at the same time.

As any children’s doctor in Mt Gravatt or anywhere else in the world will tell you, there are generally five main areas of development for a child. These are:

  • Cognitive Development – These include the skills required and the child’s ability to learn things and solve problems. For example, a pre-schooler learning to solve simple math problems, or a baby exploring his or her environment.
  • Social & Emotional Development – These are the skills that help a child to interact with others and build relationships. They will learn new skills to help develop other skills such as self-control etc.
  • Speech & Language development – A child’s ability to communicate by understanding and using language, whether it is signs or words. For example, a baby’s first words.
  • Fine Motor Skills Development – Fine motor skills involve a child’s ability to use the small muscles of their hands and fingers. For example, to pick up an object or turn the page of a book.
  • Gross Motor Skills Development – Gross motor skills involve a child’s ability to use the larger muscles on their body to learn skills like standing up, running, skipping, etc.

Although not all children develop these skills at the same rate, they should be able to achieve these within a specific age range. Therefore, if you notice any development delays in your child it is best to seek advice from a children’s doctor in Mt Gravatt or somewhere close to you.

You can get more information regarding child development from any clinic that provides services in child health in Mt Gravatt, or elsewhere so that you are more aware of what to expect as your child grows and develops.


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