Some of the Top Law Schools in New York

New York City, New York is home to some of the oldest law schools in the United States. Some of the top law schools of New York will be highlighted here for everyone to get to know up close and personal. It can also be used as reference for those who are considering going to law school as a possible career choice Law tutors.

Once they’ve finished studying at a traditional university for whatever their major will be upon graduation overall. One of the oldest of the top law schools of New York is without a doubt the New York University School of Law. It is the law school of the University of New York and was established in 1835 for students per se. New York University School of Law has different degrees in law that includes the following: • Juris Doctor Degree • Doctor of Laws Degree • Master of Laws Degree Each one of these degrees reflects a certain level of education that is reached once a student has completed all the courses of study required. The Juris Doctor degree also referred to popularly as the “J.D” is a first professional degree that is obtained in law. Many universities in the United States and abroad offer this specific type of degree. This degree is usually earned after three years of full-time study and after the student has already earned a four-year degree at a college with a major prior to taking this study on. Doctor of Laws degree also known as being a “J.S.D.” is achieved when one has gotten to an advanced level of education like no other. A doctorate is considered to an academic degree of the highest level and caliber. The word doctorate is derived from the Latin word “doctor” which stands for teacher. This law degree is one of the highest a person can obtain. Master of Laws degree is also an advanced law degree that is also known as being an “L.L.M.” The LLM is mainly earned when a person decides to specialize in a certain area of law as a rule. NYU is located in Greenwich Village in what is the city boroughs of Manhattan. Another top law school is Columbia Law School which was established in 1858 by the dean who founded it and his name was Theodore William Dwight. It is one of the professional training schools through Columbia University and is a member of the Ivy League in addition. The two law schools mentioned here are just two fine examples of the many law schools that are available in New York. Some of the other top law schools are: • Cornell Law School – Cornell University • Albany Law School • Brooklyn Law School • New York Law School • Fordham University School of Law

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