Sound therapy to regenerate cells

Sound therapy has been used as a healing therapy for thousands of years and in various parts of the world. The ancient Greeks used sound to treat patients with mental disorders, the Australian aborigines used instruments such as the didgeridoo to cure conditions from physical to emotional and mental, while bowls were used from then until now for spiritual healing purposes sound healing certification.

Several studies have shown that meditation therapy guided by the sound of bowls can reduce anxiety, fatigue and depression in an obvious way. However, we now know that the effects of Sound Healing can actually go much further, thanks to a study recently conducted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, which showed that sound waves really have healing effects and not only in the emotional and psychological sphere.

A group of scientists conducted an experiment to rebuild human tissues and bones to help the body heal itself. High-frequency sound waves were used to convert stem cells into bone cells through a medical method called “tissue engineering.”

The specialists exposed the tissue cells to sound waves for 10 minutes for 5 days. The results showed that applying the necessary pressure through high-frequency vibrations at key points in the cells catalyzed the process of cell change and reconstruction.

During the experiment, several types of cells were used, whose response to sound stimulation was positive in all cases. It is now known that the next step for this discovery is to scale the process to achieve a medical application for sound therapies.

The benefits of a Sound Healing session are evident on an emotional and even psychological level, and it is increasingly clear that they are also reflected on a physiological level.

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