Tips to satisfy a woman

The recommendations to sexually satisfy a woman that we have given will be useful to eliminate some prejudices and mediate the pleasure of both (not just hers) . Take into account the following instructions:

  • Don’t close the door on including sex toys: it is not uncommon for some men to reject them, thinking that they are a substitute for the pleasure they cannot give. Nothing is further from reality. If she wants to try it, why not even include them in the sexual dynamic?
  • Try different sexual positions: yes, “missionary” is one of the positions that causes the most pleasure; partly due to the stimulation of the clitoris during penetration. Even so, the repertoire of options is very wide Dominatrix Seattle.
  • Prioritize oral sex: In general, women are more likely to give oral sex to men than vice versa. Likewise, and in general, when the latter do it the duration is usually shorter than when they do the same . Give priority to oral sex , you will see how it is one of the best tricks to satisfy a woman in bed.
  • Create an appropriate environment: although it is often not noticed, the environment plays an important role when evaluating a sexual encounter . What you do before and the way you set up the space can affect your girl’s sexual pleasure.

Keeping an open mind about your preferences is a great ally when it comes to guaranteeing female pleasure in bed. As long as their tastes do not go against your wishes or integrity, go ahead and satisfy them.

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