What does it take to be a lawyer?

Law is a career in which you have to assimilate a great theoretical load, between laws and more laws, so it is difficult in terms of the ability you have to have to be able to assimilate many concepts and remember them to the letter. However, thanks to the practical part of the degree, it will be easier to support the theory and, more importantly Law tutors, remember it in each exam and in our future as lawyers. Furthermore, if after university studies you decide to take the exams for the Corps of State Lawyers, you will have to face some demanding exams, after which (if you get a place) you will be able to be a State Lawyer, and have a job. safe and well paid. It is very much worth it! Other paths and decisions can lead you to be a solicitor , in this previous post we focused on what a solicitor is and how it differs from a lawyer.

Are you clearly committed to studying law ? In addition to knowing that by taking this degree you will have access to various professional opportunities , you should know that in the world of law we find a multitude of different branches ( access this blog to discover them ), whether we opt for Public Law (the branches that regulate the activity of the State and relations with citizens) or by Private Law (those that address the rights and obligations of individuals and their relations).

During the degree in Law , the different legal branches that the student must know to practice the profession are addressed: civil, administrative, criminal, commercial, fiscal, community or international, among others. Therefore, the basic knowledge of each of the specialties of this career is acquired, which allows the student to learn about the legislation and the functioning of the judicial system, at the same time that they get an idea of ​​how a country works, and become familiar with the resolution of conflict situations that occur on a daily basis, knowing how to write and argue legally based statements. In short, acquire the basic skills vital for the practice of law.

Now, while studying the Law degree, we have to think about what specialty we most identify with and believe that we will contribute the best of ourselves to society, thanks to our work as jurists. For this reason, in the last years of this degree, we must opt ​​for one or another branch of law , with which we have become familiar during the degree, choosing those optional subjects that particularly attract our attention.

It is the first step to get closer to that ideal profile chosen as jurists, but it is not the only one. And, after obtaining the degree, we will have at our fingertips the great possibility of advancing and taking a qualitative leap in our professional career, taking a specific master’s degree to specialize in that area of ​​law that particularly motivates us. The next training stop is, as we have already mentioned, studying law (along with the preparation course for the Law exam ), or a Master in Law Online.

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