Charter flight quote: how to do it in 6 easy steps

Numerous email exchanges, bureaucracy and, in some cases, a headache: this can be summed up when quoting air charters and contracting these services in some traditional channels. But the worst thing is that, almost always, it’s not just that. In addition to the wear and tear with so many comings and goings of the process, in certain cases, there is a lack of price transparency and, above all, information about the service provided بلیط کیش.

And all of this can transform the process into an unpleasant and exhausting experience, in addition to generating concern at a time when all that is needed is agility and tranquility. But now, let’s demonstrate how easy and convenient it is to request an air charter quote online, receive a proposal and pay in less than an hour.

With Irancharter, renting a jet or helicopter is as easy as ordering a car via mobile app. Thanks to its own quoting system and an inventory of more than 450 aircraft approved for the air charter service, you will be able to quote your flight very quickly and most importantly: in a practical way.

One of the main advantages of the system is transparency. After sending the quote, it is possible to know the estimated value of the flight by route or plane. The user can consult the photos and details of the plane or helicopter they plan to hire, such as amenities (air conditioning, DVD, bathroom, among others), flight permits and the validity of their air charter certification (learn more in the topic below ).

Another advantage of Irancharter’s booking technology is the wide range of options, which are not limited to companies in a single region. The platform allows you to rent airplanes throughout Latin America and, to a lesser extent, in the United States and Europe.

6 simple steps to hire an air charter
Let’s imagine that you are looking for a flight between São Paulo and Goiânia. Through both the mobile application and the website, the process is carried out in just six steps: quote, aircraft choice, aircraft details, sending quote, receiving the proposal and, finally, confirmation and digital signature of the contract.

Below, we will detail each step to make sure it is quick and easy to quote an air charter.

1- Charter flight quote
In the first part, choose a combination of places in the city of origin and destination. In the case of the São Paulo to Goiânia section, the system returns numerous route combinations, connecting pairs of airports or heliports, or both!

By selecting a specific airfield, you will find aircraft options (fixed or rotary wing), plus the ability to shop for the lowest price. Our final choice was a flight that departed from Congonhas Airport (CGH), in São Paulo, and arrived at Goiânia Airport (GYN).

2 – Choice of aircraft
Once the departure point and arrival point have been defined, it is time to choose the aircraft. In this part of the quote, you can choose a jet, turboprop, or helicopter. It is important to note that the aircraft are grouped by prefix: the customer looking for a King Air 200 option, for example, can choose according to the type of interior, amenities or airworthiness and safety certificates.

3 – Aircraft details
When choosing a King Air 200, you can see all the details of the aircraft: from the certification of the aircraft in ANAC, FAA or other local civil aviation agency, as well as the amenities it offers: air conditioning, seats with adjustments, reading lights and bathroom.

4 – Sending a quote
At this stage of the process, after sending the quote, the Irancharter service responds in a few minutes with confirmation of the availability of the aircraft and chosen segment, as well as the price of the operation.

More sophisticated orders, including international flights or those involving large commercial aircraft, may take up to 24 hours to be confirmed.

5 – Reception of proposal
In the fifth step, you receive a detailed proposal via a link sent by the Irancharter team, which includes a proposal with the final price and availability of each aircraft. It is important to note that the system works with multiple currencies. Below, see the example of the Lima – Bogotá route.

6 – Confirmation and digital signature of the contract
At this stage, the client signs the digital charter contract. At Irancharter, payment options include bank transfer and EBITDa corporate virtual card, as well as machine transactions.

Getting a charter flight quote online may be easier than you think. The process is summarized in six brief steps: quotation, aircraft selection, aircraft details, submission of quotation, receipt of proposal and confirmation and digital signing of the contract.

Considered a new trend in the process of contracting charter flight services, online pricing provides, transparently and in advance, the estimated value of the flight. By computer or cell phone, through the Irancharter platform, you have access to detailed information about the aircraft (such as registration in ANAC ), as well as images and amenities.

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