5 tips to achieve inner peace

Inner peace is a state of harmony that each being finds within themselves, demonstrating it in positive attitudes on a daily basis. People who cultivate inner peace demonstrate certain attitudes and behaviors that demonstrate it. Like enjoyment at all times and places, not judging oneself or others, empathy with every living being, calmness and emotional stability by not expressing great worries or great moments of euphoria, allowing the flow of life without forcing things, avoiding or positively managing conflict, joy and gratitude for what one has and the capacity for unconditional love for other human beings Kambo Training.


The Dalai Lama, great spiritual teacher, states that peace must first develop within the individual. « Furthermore, I am convinced that love, compassion and generosity are basic foundations of peace. Only when these feelings germinate within the individual, he or she is able to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony .”


The search for inner peace

The therapist Marian Navas shares her experiences with patients seeking inner peace and advises us on the matter:


For some time now, when someone comes to me for an individual consultation, I always suggest that they make a list of the objectives they want to achieve during the individual sessions since, apart from being a good guide for me, it is also useful for the person. to focus and identify what you really want to achieve.


There are many people who, when I tell them that I will leave them in the room for about five minutes to meet with themselves and identify what they want to achieve, tell me that they have no idea what they want to achieve, that they are in consultation because they want to improve their life without knowing exactly what. However, I always tell them that I will still leave them alone to do this exercise of personal introspection and that when I enter, if they have not been able to find any objective, we will find them between the two of them.


Upon returning to the room, once the five minutes have passed, I have never met anyone who has not made their list of objectives. What’s more, I’m sure that if it had taken me a little longer to enter, that list would be even longer. I always encourage them to write down everything they feel and not to be afraid to ask and when I enter the room they smile at me and tell me ‘look, in the end there are things that I want to achieve’


I also find it curious that regardless of age, sex, religion and any other identity trait, almost all people have exactly the same goals among which perhaps knowing themselves and finding/feeling inner peace stand out .


How can you see, knowing myself and finding inner peace are very basic and essential objectives for the personal fulfillment of any person and yet, from the experience I am living in the individual sessions, it is usually one of the main objectives of the vast majority of the people who come to my consultation.


Achieve inner peace

That is why I have decided to write this article, with the aim of sharing the steps that all the people who come to my consultation to help them find inner peace, are putting into practice with great results. They are the following:


1. Pay attention only to those things that give you positive energy

Nowadays we constantly have a lot of stimuli and it is very easy to get distracted by superficial things that in reality do not give us anything other than a waste of time. That is why it is very important to know how to distinguish between those things or stimuli that give us energy since they give us something positive or something that we need at this moment and the stimuli that wear us down and take away our energy because they do not give us anything positive other than wear and tear. energetic, physical and emotional.


2. Live only in the present moment

The present moment is only the moment that is existing here and now. It is only what is happening right now and everything that is outside of it simply does not exist except in our mind or in our imagination . There is only the here and now, the present. If you manage to train yourself with the goal of being alone in the present moment without letting yourself be carried away by the ghosts of the past or the fears of the future, you will only be able to have that inner peace so longed for that many of you are looking for.


3. Learn to stay in your center

This is a direct consequence that you will achieve as you master point 2. Your center is in your heart and is represented by everything that makes you vibrate and connect with your true essence. For people who have managed to find their center, nothing and no one can move them and when something or someone moves them, they have enough awareness to realize it, focus on their heart and return again to their center where nothing and no one can disturb them.


4. Conquer your fears

Identify the fears and concerns that take you out of your center and overcome them. If we are truly in our center, nothing and no one can take us out of it, although an important step to achieve this is to identify our fears and overcome them!


5. Learn to be yourself

Learning to be yourself regardless of the consequences of manifesting your true greatness and all your power is another very important point to find inner peace and learn to stay in our center since if you really connect with yourself and live day by day from the heart and in connection with your true essence, you will have the opportunity to live in a continuous state of connection and inner peace.

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