How to get subscribers on YouTube? 15 hacks to become a YouTuber

Are you a content creator, but you don’t know how to get subscribers on YouTube? Who hasn’t had the idea of ​​at some point starting to record what we do and upload videos to YouTube. Without a doubt, it is something very common in the last decade.

However, since this trend of uploading content to YouTube became fashionable, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and, therefore, gain followers. But, look at it this way: just like you, there are thousands of people in every country in the world uploading similar content click here.

We know that this can be frustrating and discouraging, which is why, in today’s article, we are going to tell you 15 tips to gain subscribers on YouTube and become the next social media sensation.

1. Start with single-themed content
If you want to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, one of the main things is knowing how to define what type of content we are going to upload to the platform.

It is true that versatility is a strength that is currently highly valued on all social networks. However, delimiting a certain type of content as the main or star content on your YouTube channel will allow you to generate a constant audience and, therefore, grow little by little.

For example, if you want to start uploading YouTube videos about exercise, the ideal is to focus on that. If in the future you want to vary your content, you will be sure that you already have a well-established audience that follows you, so you will not lose followers. In addition, there is the possibility of creating a secondary channel to capture the attention of other types of users and increase traffic.

2. Differentiate your YouTube content from others
Even if you define well what type of content you can upload to YouTube, you must be aware that there will be thousands of users who are dedicated to doing the same thing. That is why, if you are worried about how to get subscribers on YouTube, it is very important that you look for something that will stand out among other content creators.

For example, let’s say you have a YouTube channel about music; specifically about guitar tutorials. There are many channels that create similar content; However, you can look for an element that makes you different. You could try singing while you teach or decorate your work area with a different theme in each video. Explore your creativity!

In this way, thinking about how to get subscribers on YouTube will no longer be a concern for you.

3. Take advantage of Internet trends
If you think about how to get subscribers on YouTube, you will need to be aware of the topics that are trending at the moment. Without a doubt, trends on the internet are those topics that most people search for , so creating related content will help you go viral.

This will serve as a springboard to become better known. People from different places, interested in that particular topic, will end up watching your video and, if they find it attractive, you can have more followers on your YouTube channel.

An example is when thousands of YouTubers make videos about some controversial topic of the moment. Of course, all users want to know more information about the topic, as well as the opinions of different people . If you are thinking about how to get subscribers on YouTube, this is a good alternative!

4. Have good audio and video quality
It’s not enough to make trending videos or be funny! Let’s be honest, who wants to watch a video on YouTube with low resolution and poor audio quality? Probably no one. If you are looking for how to get subscribers on YouTube, it is necessary to improve the production of your videos.

There are many video editing programs; However, YouTube itself gives you the ability to edit your videos on the same platform. Additionally, it’s important to invest in good equipment , such as a good microphone and camera, if you really want to catch people’s attention.

Do you want to know how to record videos for YouTube like a pro? Discover everything you have to take into account with Andres, Crehana audiovisual producer, in this hacks video.

5. Use YouTube #hashtags
Not many content creators know this! Just as on Instagram, on YouTube there is the possibility of placing “hashtags” or labels on your videos. This will allow you to pin your content to different categories ; In this way, interested YouTube users will be able to have a large repertoire of videos on the subject.

Remember when we talked about focusing your YouTube content on a single topic? This is very related! For example, when users search #makeup , all your related videos will appear , as long as you place them under the “makeup” tag.

Some of the most popular hashtags on YouTube are:

#Youtube videos

Without a doubt, this will allow you not only to stand out among many users, but also to share hashtags with great YouTubers. Learning how to get subscribers on YouTube has never been easier!

6. Whoever follows it, gets it
We must recognize that it is not easy to gain subscribers on YouTube. It’s not an overnight job! As we have explained so far, how to grow your YouTube channel involves a lot of dedication and investment, both in time and money.

The results you are looking for may take time to arrive. Becoming known on any social network is a difficult task , so we recommend that you be aware from the beginning that it will be a long road and many sacrifices. The most important thing is to be constant and put all your effort into it.

7. Learn about YouTube algorithms
YouTube, for some time now, has worked based on a series of algorithms. Although, if we are totally honest, no one knows 100% how they work or what they are based on. For example, YouTube’s algorithm is responsible for recommending videos in your feed, as well as trending certain videos.

As we said, there is no way to control this as such; However, it is known that if your YouTube video has a lot of interactions, whether comments or likes, it is more likely to appear as recommended for users who do not follow you. This way, your worry about how to get subscribers on YouTube will cease to exist!

8. YouTube video thumbnails are your letter of introduction
The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply in all cases, especially if we are talking about artistic topics! YouTube video thumbnails are the images that appear before any video is played. These have the mission of capturing attention and generating curiosity in users.

If you are wondering how to get subscribers on YouTube, it is essential to learn how to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails. Pico Navarro, content creator and digital art specialist, recommends using Photoshop in the Edit YouTube-style videos online course . This way, you can design wonderful thumbnails for your videos and customize them to your liking.

On the other hand, if you don’t master graphic design, but want to have amazing thumbnails, we recommend this YouTube Thumbnail Template.

9. Recommend your videos within your own videos
You may be wondering: how is that done? It’s simple! YouTube allows you to include small ads or tags within your videos. These appear the minute you want and remain for a few seconds. If the user is interested in seeing the content, they click; otherwise it disappears.

But how to get subscribers on YouTube using this tool? Imagine that your video is about football, but you have other videos on the same topic, so you can place them as tags. This will generate greater audience retention, that is, it will make people stay on your YouTube channel.

10. Good intros attract attention!
Another recommendation for you to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube is to create good introductions for your videos.

How to make intros for YouTube videos? For example, you can place some notable or intriguing fragment of the video ; This way, you will make the audience stay on your YouTube channel.

Another alternative is to add good audio along with the video fragments . Imagine that your YouTube content is related to telling horror stories. In your introduction, you could play mysterious music to create suspense.

Definitely, having many users watching your video will increase your chances of getting new subscribers on YouTube.

11. Look to collaborate with other YouTubers
Union make force! If you have the possibility of making videos in collaboration with other YouTubers, don’t miss it . Recording videos with another person brings you many benefits, especially if we talk about how to get subscribers on YouTube.

When you collaborate on YouTube, you need to think about how similar the audiences are; In this way, many people who did not know your channel will surely be interested in your content and little by little you will be able to gain subscribers on YouTube.

12. Interact with your audience
All human beings like to feel part of a group. Another good tip on how to get subscribers on YouTube is to interact with your followers . Try to respond to as many messages and comments as you can to form a community.

Imagine that your content is based on making tutorials of any type. It is very likely that there are certain people who have questions even after watching the video and leave a comment. Ideally, you should respond and help them clarify their doubts! This will ensure that everyone who comes to your channel will see that you are a YouTuber who cares about their followers.

Another very simple way to apply these tips to have more followers on YouTube is to say thank you. There will always be supportive comments and it never hurts to say thank you for those good wishes.

13. Collaborate with external brands
You’re probably thinking that that sounds crazy or very far away; However, when you think about how to get subscribers on YouTube, all alliances are welcome. You don’t have to collaborate with big international brands from day one. By starting with small brands, you can make people who don’t know you hear about you.

Go ahead and write to the brands! In addition to obtaining other benefits for advertising or collaborating with them, you will definitely be able to increase your subscribers on YouTube very quickly.

14. Promote yourself!
YouTube continues to be a platform that, over the years, has become a great social network. For that reason, there is the possibility of paying to promote your content on YouTube. Even if you think that ads are only for brands or products, you can pay for your channel to appear as an advertisement.

How to gain subscribers on YouTube with advertising? The prices that are used are from 10 dollars a day, although it may be more depending on the area that is planned to be covered with the advertisement.

Definitely, if you have the resources, with this alternative, you will no longer have to wonder how to get subscribers on YouTube ever again.

15. Be yourself
In this list of tips to have more followers on YouTube, we will end with what we believe is the most important of all: your videos should reflect who you are. Authenticity will be your best friend!

The platform specialized in Psychology, Psyciencia, explains what it means to be authentic:

“Authenticity appears to require deep self-recognition and lack of hypocrisy, promising deep honesty and open connection with others. Being authentic is being comfortable with vulnerability. “To be authentic is to be consistent over time.”

We know that nowadays it is very common to create characters or overact when recording videos for YouTube, but without a doubt, there is nothing better than being yourself from the beginning.

It’s normal not to be liked by everyone; However, there will be many people who will follow you because of who you are and your creative content. What better reward than feeling that your subscribers follow you because they really love you, even if you are behind a screen! Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to get subscribers on YouTube.

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