6 Tips for interior decoration

We understand as interior decoration a repertoire of combinations, strategies and tips, to create a composition within the home that makes us feel happy, comfortable and happy with the appearance and aesthetics of the spaces of our home. In this sense, there are many ways to achieve an interior decoration that we like, since everything depends on our particular tastes, demands and utilities feng shui lillian too.

An interior decoration can be as useful as it is beautiful, so we want to investigate a little more about the subject and share with you, a series of interior decoration principles so that you can apply them in the comfort of your home.

6. Light input

One of the main tips for interior decoration is to select which will be the light inputs to the rooms, either from a window, a light tap or a dome. Each of them allows the entry of natural light, so you also save electricity. Use shades in clear tones that allow the free passage of light and use the mirrors to reflect that vital light, which generates a sense of spaciousness of spaces, which you can use to your advantage.

5. Floor

The texture and color of the floor will depend a lot on the color of the walls. Try to counter these elements to create a balance in the room. A tip is to combine wood floors with light colors. Another tip to keep in mind in your interior decoration, related to the floor, is that the more floor space you have available, the greater the feeling of spaciousness you will have in your home. If you can avoid having unnecessary furniture, do not buy them. If you want to decorate, decorate with things you can put in the furniture you already have.

4. The color

Something that is very important in interior decoration is color. You can use two to three tonalities to create dimensions in a room, as long as it is a large room. In case the rooms are smaller, choose to use a different color in each of the rooms.

3. Details

The details are very important in interior decoration. In the smallest elements, there are the details that make the most differences. You can use fabrics, tapestries or stickers to give a personal touch to each room. Use cushions with striking prints and use fabrics to create depth in each room which helps to give a visual impact.

2. Plants

One of the tips for interior decoration that have more weight today, is to think of plants as your best allies to decorate and create a sense of freshness at home. Try plants that may be in shade to make it last longer. If the space is small, opt for small plants distributed throughout the rooms. Place pots on the tables in the living room and vases in the dining room.

1. Furniture

The perfect complement to give your personal touch to interior decoration is the furniture. To choose them it is important that you take into account the style of your home, if it is rustic, minimalist, conservative, etc. , with this you will achieve a comfortable, coherent and harmonious space. In fact, if possible, it is recommended to buy the set of furniture in the same place and at the same time, to plan the whole space as a whole and not as isolated elements among themselves.