Indian food restaurants creating ripples worldwide

Why Indian food restaurants are gaining popularity

· The thali system is really nice and innovative at Indian food restaurants

· It is customer friendly and customer oriented thus giving more to customer and less to the restaurant

· You get value for money

· The quantity of the dishes served at Indian food restaurants is excellent as Indians believe that no one should return from their doorstep without a full stomach

What sets apart Indian food restaurants from the others

· The hospitality of Indian food restaurants are beyond par

· Whether they are fine dine joints or not, the courteousness of the staff and the enthusiastic service by the waiters impress patrons and make them come back again Lower Hutt Thai restaurants.

· The blend of exotic spices and ingredients make each dish a piece of handcrafted art. The aroma is mouth watering as is the taste.

Veg restaurants not only restricted to Indian cuisines

· Being vegetarian was kick started by us Indians as our Hindu religion forbids us from harming God’s creations for the purpose of filling our stomach

· Today numerous Hollywood celebrities and foreigners across the world are duly following vegetarian way of living and many of them are even vegan.

· Veg restaurants – What was once an India only domain has now spread to different cuisines and thus there are veg Italian, American, Chinese and such other restaurants opening up across the globe

Thalis in veg restaurants make people lick their fingers

· Thali is great system of serving food which attracts customers to veg restaurants.

· This is much like a buffet system except that here the food is served to you on the table and you do not have to keep getting up. Also the utensils are served to you. They consist of a large steel plate with little bowls or vatis as traditionally called.

· Chhaas, water and a juice or milkshake is served alongside before the food starts getting served.

· Traditional food such as dal bhatti churma, bhindi sabzi, paneer makhani, chhole, farsan, puris, steamed rice, masala rice, rotis, salad, dahi, etc are served by waiters.

· Dhoklas, khandvi, pattice, puffs, aamras, shrikhand, maalpua, mithai,jalebi, rabdi, etc are examples of the many mouth watering starters and sweet dishes which one gets in a thali.

· Quantity along with quality is served; not one without the other.

How Indian food restaurants maintain their place in the highly competitive food field

· Indian food restaurants are big on hospitality as per theconventional age old belief of the country which is ‘Atithi devo bhav’ which translates to ‘Guests are akin to God’ in English.

· The country has a rich history of culture as it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world thus generations have assed on to their younger generations the great recipes

· There is no one Indian cuisine as is with most countries. There are numerous cuisines of India ranging from Punjabi, Bengali, South Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Goan, etc.

· Thus thanks to the diversity in culture, there is no dearth of Indian foods.

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