What you should consider when buying Instagram followers

Buy instagram followers is a convenient and quick way to boost your reach growth with a set regularity. Many online providers provide followers with so-called fake accounts . However, since the profiles are inactive again after only a few months, they are also called “ghost followers” or “dead followers”. These types of followers stand out due to unkempt profiles, for example without a profile picture and missing postings. What sets buyrealigfollowers.com apart from other providers: we offer followers with natural-looking accounts at competitive prices for a discreet startup help.

Shopping Instagram Followers and Instagram Likes can be fun, but what about the low number of comments? Do not worry ! Our buyrealigfollowers.com team is here to fix this issue. We are able to deliver the Instagram comments for a good price. We can guarantee you 100% that our “Up-To-Date System” corresponds to the qualitative aspects! You can tell us your specific comments you want to receive, so that we can say: The customer chooses his own quality!

An overview of our follower types:

Instagram Follower: This is our standard package. We will deliver “normal” followers within one day and refill them every 24 hours for 20 days after placing your order.

Instagram followers : The also “normal” followers are even filled up for 60 days after ordering. Delivery takes place within 24 hours.

Instagram Follower (HQ) : Delivery will be made immediately upon order and includes a bonus of 5 to 10% extra followers per order. The followers are of high quality as their user accounts stay longer. Your profile will be replenished every 4 hours for 20 days after purchase.

Male and female Instagram followers : Depending on your wishes, you will only receive male or even female followers for your social media strategy. The quality corresponds to the Follower HQ.

Real Instagram followers : Real followers are already active users on Instagram. Delivery will be made within 48 hours. In the first week after your order, we will replenish your followers 100% and 50% in the second week. Then the refill is completed.

If your Instagram profile has a lot of followers, but few likes and comments, that does not seem very authentic. To make your Instagram account more believable and vivid, we encourage you to use our social media tools for Instagram likes and Instagram comments .

You want to increase the number of clicks on your Instagram videos? Again, we have a matching social media marketing product: buy real instagram followers.