Feng Shui Bedroom Tips to Harmonize Your Private Sanctuary

These feng shui bedroom tips will provide you with some extremely effective ideas to help harmonize and encourage positive energy flow around room of rest. A huge amount of time is spent in our bedrooms and probably a high percentage of that is spent sleeping. Overall, it accounts for at least one third of our whole life!

Our bedrooms are a place to rest and relax whether we share the space or live alone. It should be a comfortable place, peaceful, a hiding place from the outside stresses of the world and everyday worries, even a place of romance. Take some time to follow along with these great feng shui bedroom tips to help make your bedroom your favorite place in the whole house!

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: #1

Cluttered Space, Cluttered Mind

A well known and must do rule when using feng shui in any area is to get rid of that clutter. It gathers and piles up over time when we put things off, rush around, keep sentimental items around us or if we’re just plain lazy. It happens to us all, but realizing that scattered piled up clutter and mess creates a energy trap that stagnates the flow of positive energy causing shar chi or bad energy should be enough for you to take control of it and clear that clutter away.

It basically serves as a blocking force when energy is trying to flow, stopping it and turning it bad. If it can’t flow, the positive energy diminishes. It can weigh mentally and physically on us in our bedroom, causing restless worrying and a unsettled subconscious. So open that window, get some fresh air and natural light into the room and clear that clutter, letting the good energy flow its way through. Don’t forget about all the mess under the bed too. Find a good storage spot for it or get rid of it. In feng shui, bedroom tips like these will not only help make your room a nicer, more inviting place to be astrological weight, but it will do the same for your mind. Clear the clutter and clear your mind.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: #2

Where Should I Sleep?

If you have a full view of the windows and entrance to your room when lying on your bed, you’re off to a great start to the correct feng shui position. Behind you should be a solid wall that symbolizes support and security for you. Never ever position your bed facing your door so your head, feet and doorway are in one straight line. This is known as the coffin position and will interfere with your sleep with it’s negative energy patterns. Other things that can interfere with restful sleep are construction beams crossing above you, even mirrors, hanging mobiles or anything else that can hang over the bed. They can drain you of energy and take away those precious hours of rest we need to be healthy. If these kind of things exist in your home and can’t be avoided you should look at employing some feng shui cures to counterbalance this bad energy. You can find more information on this on my website.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: #3

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors have reflective qualities that when used in feng shui can help to bounce energy, either good or bad around your space either out of the door or back into the room. In your bedroom however, reflective energy from mirrors will disturb your sleep. Although not recommended, if you do have a mirror in your room, make sure that it doesn’t reflect you when you’re lying on your bed, resting. If you share your bed with your partner, it’s important that the mirror doesn’t reflect th bed, you or your partner. This symbolizes more than two people in your relationship and can promote infidelity. It’s best to remove the mirrors that break these rules to encourage a healthy, positive bedroom environment.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: #4

No Electrics in the Bedroom

In a harmonized feng shui bedroom, there should ideally be no electrical appliances to be seen. They radiate electromagnetic frequencies even when they’re switched off and can lead to restless sleep. Some appliances seem like essentials to a room but if you do have them, try to minimize the amount you have. Put batteries in your clock radio and get rid of that TV and computer, the bedroom is no place for these even though it seems very convenient. Remove any plugs from their sockets when you’re not using them and keep your head away from any outlets, at least two meters.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: #5

Colors, Decoration and Furniture

Strong, bright and bold colors in the bedroom are too much for the bedroom and will unbalance the energy leading to sleep problems. Calming colors and tones are much preferred to reflect the essence of the bedroom, a resting place. If you have a small room, use even lighter tones to give the illusion of a larger space. Larger rooms should make use of color tones that are a little darker, maybe only on particular walls to help make the space more cozy and comfortable.

Most bedrooms are not overly large, and adding furniture in there can lead to lots of blocked and stagnant energy which is the last thing we want. Limit the pieces of furniture in there, keep things in positions that complement the bed and that don’t display poison arrows or sharp corners. Round edged tables and chairs for example would be much better. In the same light, bookshelves should also be avoid in the bedroom because of their protruding qualities. Although fresh flowers may seem like a great idea in the bedroom, they will stimulate energy in the room which will not help you sleep sound. The same goes for aquariums with moving water features or even pictures of water that will all contribute to vitalizing the energy disrupting your rest.

The feng shui bedroom tips we’ve shown here will not only create a peaceful space, physically and mentally, but it’ll also give you long lasting hassle-free sleep in your intimate personal place of rest.

Use these great feng shui bedroom tips wisely and they’ll help you to create your very own private sanctuary, your new favorite room in the entire house.