5 Tips to Have Healthy and Beautiful Feet

We cannot forget that all the organs of the body are represented on the feet, for which reason we have a more than important reason to provide them with the best care (carne esponjosa na unha como tratar).

Although they are very important for our day to day, because they support us and help us to walk, we do not usually take so much care of them.

It is vital to pay more attention to the care of the feet and not only thinking about the aesthetic, but also about health.

Facts about the feet

Did you know that each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles? And that all the bones of both feet make up a quarter of the bones that we have in our body? Fascinating, right?

As the feet are the ones that are furthest from our sight, we often neglect them and think of them as something strange and dirty. Only when they hurt you do you start to take a look.

Before that, you do not pay attention to them; much less take care of them. Undoubtedly, the feet are the forgotten ones at any age.

As they are the first point of connection with the earth, we must appreciate them enormously. Without them, we could not go anywhere. Beyond that they look beautiful and cared, they must be healthy.

In this way, you will feel more relieved, you will avoid more serious pain or problems, they will be beautiful for any occasion and you will not feel ashamed of them.

Steps to have happy feet

Thanks to these tips, you can enjoy happy feet every day.

Wear comfortable shoes

Even if you are a big fan of high heels, try not to use them so much, because not only do they hurt your feet, but also your back.

If you cannot avoid them for work, then take a pair of spare low shoes, to use while traveling on the bus or when the boss does not see you.

Another tip is that you try to buy the ones that are wider and that the fingers or the instep do not get stuck with any way out and without mobility.

Calluses are the most obvious signs of the use of narrow or uncomfortable footwear.

When you go to buy shoes, try to do it in the afternoon, when the feet are slightly swollen by the passing of the hours.

Make sure you buy summer shoes in warmer times, because your feet shrink when it’s cold and you run the risk of buying uncomfortable and tight shoes that will only bring you pain and discomfort.

Take off your shoes

When you have the opportunity to put your feet on the ground, do it. It can be at home, in the park, on the beach, in the yoga center or even at work, under your desk.

Make sure your feet can move and breathe daily, even if it’s cold. The energy of the earth enters our body through the feet, but the rubber soles of the shoes do not allow this to happen.

That is why we are somewhat disconnected with Mother Nature. Walk with your bare feet whenever you can. Feel the earth under your feet and try different surfaces, such as sand, stones, etc. It will be beneficial for the health of your feet.

Enjoy massages

From time to time, give a good massage to your feet. You can use mixtures of essential oils or other natural products to do so.

Extend the toes with your hand, turn them and squeeze them carefully; rub the soles and heels and perform movements for the heels and fingers.

The massages on the feet improve blood circulation and remove fatigue as if by magic. There is nothing more relaxing.

You can do them at any time of the day, but above all you will see the difference when you arrive from work.

While the food is cooking in the oven or watching television, do not hesitate to massage your feet.

Go to the pedicure

Perhaps some believe that this is only for people who have a lot of money, but it is not true. There is nothing worse than bad smell on the feet, cracked heels and dirty nails.

Wash your feet every day, to remove dirt, especially if the shoes are open or we have played sports and sweat.

Find a pedicure salon at a good price and quality to make a gift to your feet, at least once a month. If that person also massages or is a specialist in reflexology, much better!

Enjoy your feet

If you do not have money to go to the beauty salon, you can make homemade creams with whatever you have in the fridge, for example. Or submerge the feet in hot water with coarse salt.

Thanks daily that your feet are with you and that you can do everything possible to be in good condition. Do not skimp on expenses for your foot health, because that undoubtedly affects your mood, your day to day and your health.

Learn from certain cultures where the washing of feet is a ritual and is done with rose water when receiving someone at home, the husband when he arrives (or the wife), etc.

Keep nails short and well filed, do not let calluses and blisters hurt or bother you when walking , move them as much as possible inside and outside of shoes and, if possible, do not sleep with too tight socks.