Sometimes we do not give the importance it requires to social networks. We can use them to a greater or lesser extent in our daily lives at a private level, but when it comes to the business environment things change and we tend to neglect them buy followers on instagram photos. This applies to all social networks, and in the case of Instagram even more so.

Today we will see that this type of behavior is totally wrong and that Instagram has a greater potential than you can imagine.

Although so far in 2020, many dare to indicate that the Instagram bubble has been burst, which we cannot denying is that it represents a juicy part of users/customers who regularly access social networks. Therefore, we see it necessary to take advantage of this circumstance and publish frequently, choosing the images well, to have good results and interact with the target audience, that is, your followers.

The million dollar question. Many make the mistake of resorting to “banks” in which to buy fake followers and other practices that are pursued by Instagram to combat this type of fraud. Therefore, a series of good practices and advice will have to be applied so that real followers come to our profile.


Take care and pamper your profile a lot
Before you start running you must learn to walk. In other words, you must optimize your profile, fill out your biography in an interesting way, make sure your logo looks good, make sure the published images are consistent and If possible, wear your corporate colors. In short, as we said in the title, take care of your profile!

Create a strategy for your content
It is best to start with a publication calendar that is well structured. Publishing with a certain frequency helps your followers to keep an eye on your content and if it is of value you will gain loyalty from a community of loyal followers, who are the type of followers that will interest you.

The importance of choosing hashtags on Instagram
A good choice when tagging a post with hashtags can increase its impact on the social network. Therefore, try to make them as correct as possible and related to your topic.

Pay attention to the comments
Your followers are not only looking for quality content, they also want to interact with their favorite brands. In this regard, the most important thing is that you respond to comments as soon as possible and always from a cordial and constructive point of view when it comes to criticism. You learn from all kinds of comments.

Algorithms are modified
Instagram, like all large Internet companies, adapts to the behavior and trends of the web world. You should pay special attention to algorithm changes, as they can make the difference between the success and failure of your social media strategy.

At this point, it is best to put these tips into practice on your Instagram profile. It may take more or less time, but the results will end up arriving as long as you comply with what is described above.

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