Movie Made with Film and Video Production Company

Movies are a source of entertainment, Movie Made with Film and Video Production Company Articles isn’t it? It refreshes our mood instantly. Helps us to rejoice, refresh our old memories when we are feeling down and also aids us in sharing our happiness. Though we are not a big name in the industry but as a student of media we were given work of making a 15 minute movie for our final examination. It was very important for all of us students to secure good marks in our final diploma film as it would increase our percentage and would help us to get a better paying job in the market Event video production.

Thus, we thought to prepare something extraordinary from the usual routine of our college that which would impress our teachers and that which would separate our identity from the rest of the students. So, all of us , the whole group of six students decided to contact one of the best Film and Video Production Company to make our project the hit and successful one. What was good and beneficial for all of us is that we were allowed to take help of the movie and video making company. So, we thought to include the device Autocue (It’s a device that displays words for people to read) in our movie and the theme of our movie (short film) was ‘How the news is presented but not Seen Exactly’.

The Film and Video Production Company helped us to discover the device Autocue more and helped to increase our knowledge more of what we had learned in our college. This device was our center of attraction in our short film. We focused how the news reader or performer of the show rocks the platform on which they are presenting their respective things through the help of electronic media.

We defined what actually Autocue is. It’s a name normally given to the computerized prompting system used by the announcers. We showed how the Operator of this device follows the script and confirms that no matter how reckless or sluggish way they are talking in, this device manages everything. At present, a teleprompter refers to a monitor fixed below a piece of beam splitter glass (a special mirror settled to shoot video through) that is hidden in black plastic, cloth or metal so that the light does not reflected directly. Then, camera is placed behindhand the beam splitter glass and after that the video is shot with the help of the mirror. Finally, the teleprompter is fixed with the computer then the software of the teleprompter displays a glass image of characters that scrolls down the words and the reader reads it out.

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