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The etymology of the word “travel” goes backs to the Middle English word travail. The word also means all the activities performed during a traveling (movement). Travel is defined as the displacement of individuals between relatively short or distant geographical landmarks with or without a purpose for a particular period of duration, with or without any means of transportation. Traveling also includes relatively short halts between successive displacements. Displacement between the locations requires only a few minutes but usually they are not considered as travel. A person who travels is called a traveler in the United States of America, but traveler in England. Travel appeals to everyone. It helps us to relax and loosen up in order to fill up our senses with ecstasy and solace. Traveling recreates us by all the activities it involves. There are various motives for traveling while sometimes it’s just a holiday visit to your kith and kin during festivities while at other times it may be a pilgrimage undertaken by you to a holy destination. There are charity travelers as well who globe trot to help everyone in need. Several people go on business or mission trips which are included as it involves traveling too with a specific purpose. It is said that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; a traveler beholds and enjoys nature’s beauty whenever he is traveling again with or without a purpose. Art and literature have long been influenced by traveling as we find numerous books, movies, shows based on characters undertaking journeys involving purpose or without any. There are even sculptors dedicated to travelers like the one in Oviedo, Spain. There are many places waiting to be discovered by you the ardent traveler, this is where we, Homa Travel step in, organizing hassle free traveling experience for you. We feel obliged and lucky to be a part of your refreshing travel experience. There are varieties of options for you to opt for on our website. Click now.

We arrange a lot of holiday destinations to exotic places such as Phuket, Goa, Thailand, Turkey and many other destinations all over the world. We specialize in providing travel services to your customers according to their choices. They can opt from our tailor made services which include air ticket booking, arranging travel insurance policies, and many more such options to choose from. To commemorate our anniversary we are providing special discounted hotel booking too. Special attractions are awaiting for our esteemed customers who are going to choose our holiday destinations Mauritius and likewise. We are also arranging flights to Kabul and Tehran and other destinations in Iran and other places of the world. We also arrange trips to other European and Asian countries as well. It is said that traveling one gathers honey.

Visit us to help you plan a rejuvenating holiday. Homa Travel, looks forward to provide you a home away from home, we are just a click away, always there to help you.


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