There are several types of tutors. After getting acquainted with everyone, you will definitely have more questions about selecting the ideal mentor for training. And even more so, will it be difficult to understand how to choose a good tutor?

But above all in order. In total there are 6 types. As well as 7 types in professional areas. Types of tutors:

The actor
They can be very active and interesting to explain. It survives all the student’s victories and failures. If emotionality, brightness and optimism are important to the student Law tutors, this type will be a source of inspiration. If the sea of ​​​​emotions scares you, this teacher does not suit you.

Calm, determined and cautious. No pupil/student can argue with this. It helps not only to reinforce knowledge, but also to overcome doubt.

He is the ideal person to teach literature, music and art. After all, this guy is very slow, but he has unbreakable harmony. With it you can philosophize and discuss almost everything.

“universal” type. Charismatic, he can find an approach to anyone. Able to persuade, outgoing. Versatility helps not only to learn new knowledge, but also to reveal your charisma.

Restrained and principled. If you have a goal to systematize knowledge, this is the perfect option!

They can be seen in appearance. Dressed with needles, thin features. Meticulous and formal. Pay attention to the little things. If you’re interested in deep learning, this is your guy!

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